Terms and Conditions of Use


1. Website Terms of Use


1.1. The use of this website (https://ariumfestival.com hereinafter referred to as the “Website“) is subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use“). The website is owned by “Aquarium Creations“, located at 13 Zoodoxou Pigis, Korydallos 181 20, with VAT number: 112978844 (hereinafter referred to as the “ARIUM Festival“).

1.2. Accessing and using the Website by any User is subject to these Terms of Use. ARIUM Festival encourages Users to carefully read these Terms of Use before any visit or use of the Website. Entry into and navigation of the Website constitutes unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use by the User. The User should regularly visit the Terms of Use, as they may be modified from time to time without further obligation to inform the User other than by posting the updated version on the Website. In the event of disagreement or reservation by the User regarding all or part of these Terms, the User is invited to refrain from accessing or navigating the Website and/or from any other action on it.

1.3. ARIUM Festival reserves the right, indicatively and not exclusively:

(a) to amend, at any time, without justification and without prior notice, part or all of these Terms of Use,

(b) to renew or upgrade part or all of the content of the Website,

(c) to renew or upgrade part or all of the external appearance (interface), structure, or composition of the Website, as well as its technical specifications.

Additionally, ARIUM Festival reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to the User to cancel, permanently or temporarily suspend, or terminate the operation of the Website.


2. Website Features and Functions


2.1. Through the Website, ARIUM Festival provides information of various content regarding its products and their general characteristics. This information is placed on the ARIUM Festival Website for the necessary update of the User regarding ARIUM Festival products and does not constitute an indication or encouragement to purchase a product.

2.2. Through the Website, the User is given the opportunity to visit the online store (hereinafter the “Online Store“) to purchase products or services, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Transactions of ARIUM Festival, which are available here:  Terms of Sale.

2.3. The ARIUM Festival Online Store will operate as a platform for submitting orders for ARIUM Festival customers.

2.4. When filling out the contact form, the User must provide ARIUM Festival with the requested information accurately, truthfully, precisely, and up-to-date. In case of subsequent change of any of this information, the User must immediately inform ARIUM Festival at the following email address: info@ariumfestival.com. If ARIUM Festival’s contractual or legal obligations are not met timely and properly due to the use of false, incorrect, or outdated personal information declared by the User, ARIUM Festival bears no responsibility. Furthermore, the User bears full and exclusive responsibility for any damage or harm caused to ARIUM Festival due to false, incorrect, or outdated information provided by the User. Any updates made (e.g., within the framework of ARIUM Festival’s legal obligations, etc.) to the email address provided by the User (or in a subsequent update thereof) will be deemed valid, even if not delivered to the User due to errors in the information provided by the User and/or due to technical or other damage to his/her server and/or phone and/or telecommunication provider or due to changes in his/her information (provided that ARIUM Festival has not timely informed the User thereof).


3. Access License and Permissible Use of the Website


3.1. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User is granted a non-exclusive license to access and use the Website for personal purposes as specifically outlined in these Terms of Use. The access license provided to the User does not permit any resale or commercial use, reproduction, creation of copies, copying, transmission, dissemination, distribution, modification, or assignment of license or exploitation of this Website or its content in any manner, any collection and/or use of any product listings, descriptions, or images, any derivative use of this Website or its content, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant, or any use of data mining tools or similar data gathering and extraction tools. Any use or exploitation of the Website and its content for commercial or business purposes is prohibited. The User is not allowed to modify, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, or create derivative works using any software or accompanying documentation provided by ARIUM Festival or its licensors.

3.2. The use of the Website is permitted only if the User acts lawfully and abstains from any action that may damage the reputation of ARIUM Festival.

3.3. It is prohibited to interfere with the operation of the Website and/or alter or modify its content (including images, photographs, texts, and others). Any form of engaging or facilitating in criminal activities, transmission of any type of viruses, as well as any action that may result in unacceptable or extensive burden on the infrastructure of the Website, is strictly prohibited. The User must adhere to confidentiality obligations and refrain from any use of the Website in a coarse, illegal, offensive, or indecent manner.

3.4. Additionally, the User is prohibited from destroying data, causing problems for other Users, infringing upon the proprietary or other rights of third parties, sending unsolicited advertising or promotional materials (“spam”), or attempting to influence the performance or functionality of any features of the Website or features to which the User has access through the Website.

3.5. ARIUM Festival reserves the right to report any violations of these terms that come to its attention to the appropriate authorities. Additionally, it will disclose to the competent authorities any information requested on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

3.6. The User connects to the Website at their own risk and responsibility, based on their request and in accordance with these Terms of Use. The User’s connection to the Website is made through technical means and through providers of their choice.


4. Trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights


4.1. The entire content of the Website, including but not limited to texts, images, graphics, recordings, animations, and video recordings, including corporate logos and trademarks, as well as the design of the ARIUM Festival Website, are protected by trademarks and intellectual property rights, as well as other rights intended for the protection of ARIUM Festival’s intellectual property. Distribution, modification, or copying of the content of these pages, including framing and the use of framing techniques, is prohibited.

4.2. ARIUM Festival draws attention to the fact that the Website also contains images subject to the copyrights of third parties.

4.3. Through this Website, no license rights or other usage rights to the specific elements of the intellectual property rights contained therein, including trademark and intellectual property rights, are provided. Prior written permission from ARIUM Festival is required for copying, distributing, reproducing, transmitting, or other forms of using this intellectual property right. Furthermore, copying, distributing, modifying, or making available to third parties other content elements of the Website is not allowed. Specifically, prior written consent from ARIUM Festival is required for the use of texts, excerpts of texts, or visual material.

4.4. Users of the Website are expressly permitted to create a single copy of the webpage for their own use, provided that such copy is used for personal, non-commercial purposes and that the content is not modified. Public disclosure of the content of press releases and other documents classified as public is allowed. However, this provision does not apply to documents protected by trademark rights, copyrights, or other legal provisions.


5. Περιορισμός ευθύνη


5.1. The information contained on the Website is constantly verified by ARIUM Festival and is up-to-date. Although ARIUM Festival exercises maximum care in this context, it cannot ensure that the Website does not contain any errors. For this reason, ARIUM Festival assumes no liability or warranty – express or implied – regarding the timeliness, accuracy, or completeness of the information provided on the Website. The same applies to all other websites to which you may gain access through hyperlinks from the ARIUM Festival Website, whether provided by companies affiliated with ARIUM Festival or by third parties. ARIUM Festival assumes no liability for these websites and no liability for the data protection measures of the administrators of these websites.

5.2. Any information contained on the ARIUM Festival website regarding the future of ARIUM Festival is based on the assumptions and estimates of ARIUM Festival management, and therefore is subject to reservations, risks, and uncertainties. ARIUM Festival has no obligation to update the information regarding the future of ARIUM Festival and assumes no liability for such statements.

5.3. ARIUM Festival may deny access to this Website at any time and assumes no guarantee for the continuous availability of this Website.

5.4. Although ARIUM Festival makes every possible effort to avoid the Website being infected by viruses, it does not provide any warranty regarding.


6. Processing of Personal Data and Cookie Policy


You can find detailed information about the processing of your personal data by ARIUM Festival through its Privacy Policy posted and regularly updated here. You can also find detailed information about the use of cookies by this Website here.


7. Disputes


Any dispute between customers and ARIUM Festival will be settled amicably. If it is not possible, despite the parties’ efforts, to settle the dispute amicably, the courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction, and Greek law shall apply.


Changes to the Terms of Use Policy

This Terms of Use Policy may be modified at any time. For this reason, we recommend regularly referring to this Terms of Use Policy. This was put into effect on March 19, 2024. In case of modification, the date on which it took place will be mentioned. The Terms of Use Policy, as formed by the most recent modification, is always considered valid.