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ARIUM (Paludarium, Vivarium, Aquarium, Terrarium, Formicarium, etc.).

The aim of this exhibition is to offer visitors a rare opportunity to journey into the world of exotic reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, insects, as well as freshwater and saltwater fishes. We aspire to grant our visitors a chance to discover the features that make each of these creatures unique and their welfare needs according to the ecosystem to which they belong.

Alongside the exhibition, the International Discus Competition, Best of Discus 2024, will be held for the 4th time in our country as well as a separate competition for biotope ARIUMs that replicate a specific natural habitat via fish, plants and décor that thrive in a particular geographical area.

The exhibition features workshops, seminars and conferences held by internationally renowned speakers. Our visitors will be able to meet the experts, ask questions and get powerful insights into the magical world of tropical animals.

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[The happenings]
Attending the exhibition

What started out as a dream is now turning into a real rendez-vous not to be missed for ARIUM’s friends.

Biotope Aquarium Setups
Within the exhibition area, biotope aquariums will be set up that replicate a specific habitat of the planet in order to take you on a journey to distant tropical ecosystems and acquaint you with endemic fish and plants.
An aquarium, besides being a replica of nature, can also be a work of art. Some of the most renowned Greek aquascapers will demonstrate in front of you how to set up an aquarium. Rest assured, they promise not to hide any of their secrets.


Dive into a mesmerizing aquatic experience and enjoy our fish and aquarium competitions!

International Discus Competition Best of Discus 2024
For the 4th time in our country, an international competition will be held in honor of the "King of the Aquarium". Colorful and morphologically perfect discus fish from all over the world will be hosted in the competition's aquariums and judged by a panel of international experts.
Paludarium Competition
A competition for setting up a biotope Paludarium will take place during the Arium festival. From tropical paludariums that replicate the ecosystem of the Amazon’s rainforests to those that recreate the ecosystem of the hot desert in Arizona, competitors will offer you a fascinating glimpse into the rich diversity of our planet’s different ecosystems, some of which you might have only viewed in documentaries.

Discover the event space

ARIUM will take place at the iconic “Manos Loizos” Cultural Center, in Nikaia, on May 17 – 19, 2024

What do people in the field say about ARIUM?

100% of respondents said ARIUM is the “best” idea to come to fruition in recent years.

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