The First Biotope Paludarium Competition in Greece!

We are proud to invite you to another impressive event of the ARIUM 2024 Festival: the Biotope Paludarium Competition. As it enters the Greek scene for the first time, this competition highlights the artistry and creativity of aquarists and amateur ecologists.

At ARIUM 2024, competitors will create unique and impressive Paludariums, incorporating the natural beauty of aquatic life and flora into stunning ecosystems. From lush wetlands to beautiful rocky areas, participants will compete for the best replica of a unique habitat originating from a specific location.

Discover the art of underwater gardening and admire the amazing creations that prove nature is the best source of inspiration. Combining aesthetics with functionality, participants will display their talent and love for the natural environment.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to be inspired and enjoy the beauty of nature at a festival that combines art, science, and entertainment. We await you at ARIUM 2024 to experience an unforgettable biotope paradise!

Seeking the perfect balanced Biotope Paludarium – Registration

Participation is open to individuals or groups who can create a microscopic representation of a naturally-occurring ecosystem of a particular geographical area.

Competitors must have collected all necessary information regarding the habitat they will present, specifically regarding the fauna, flora, and natural materials composing it. This information should be forwarded to the organizers in a timely manner to print the information form from each geographic area separately, to be placed next to each creation.

Tank size for the paludariums will be 50x50x50cm (LWH). Participants will be able, after consulting with the organizing committee, to pick up the tank so that they have the time frame for the setup and development of the ecosystem at their disposal.

The paludariums must be delivered to the exhibition venue by Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 13:00, until Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 20:00.

The winner will be selected by experienced judges who will be announced soon!

The cost for participating in the competition is €70.00. This cost includes the tank which remains the property of the participant after the competition.

To register, please email: