What's going on?
What will you see?

Enjoy a series of events that blend the beauty of aesthetics with the richness of nature!

Listen to inspiring speeches from pioneers in the fields of art and planted aquariums, meet the best aquascapers in Greece, and enrich your experience with interesting encounters after each event!

Speeches from experienced enthusiasts
Come and discover the wonderful world of Palludarium, Vivarium, Aquarium, Terrarium, and Formicarium through real experiences and expert advice!
Biotope Aquariums Presentations
Enter the magical world of Aquascaping with stunning presentations of habitat aquariums by renowned Greek scapers! Discover the amazing skill of our experts as they create unique landscapes within the water.
Breaks for coffee and networking
Let's stop for a coffee, let's get to know each other and share our thoughts. We have so much in common!